Print Banners Aren’t Dead

If you’ve ever written yourself a note to remind you later, then there’s still a need for print banners.

banner printing

Many people (most millennials) assume that there is no longer a need for print marketing anymore. With the way social media and digital platforms have transformed our lives, how does anyone ever see something in a newspaper ad?

The truth is print marketing in any form has an edge that digital marketing does not have: permanence.

Getting distracted vs. staying focused

Did you know it takes approximately 25 minutes to get re focused after being distracted? The problem with digital marketing is that it itself is a distraction and that becoming distracted is all too easy. One minute you’re scrolling on Instagram, then a though pops into your head about who Selena Gomez is currently dating, and boom you’re off Instagram and on the internet.

Any type of print such as banner printing, a flyer, even a billboard has the power to last longer. You must remain focused to read and consume the entire message, so you do. Unlike whatever it is you just swiped past on your phone without reading.

Scrolling vs. Staring

Similarly, there’s a huge difference between scrolling over something and actually staring at it, taking the time to absorb it. The reason why content does not stay present in the mind through digital marketing is because there’s nothing significant or permanent about it. You will however, likely remember exactly what shop that banner was hanging outside of and what it said.

Old vs. New

It’s true you just can’t teach an old dog new tricks; there’s just something about print marketing that has a history with its readers and viewers. It’s like it’s hardwired into a person’s DNA. On the other hand, digital marketing is still a relatively new thing and some consumers just won’t hop on board. At least print marketing can appeal to both.