What Are Air Springs?

If you’re like most drivers who don’t necessarily know the name of every single part of their car, then you may not have ever heard of the term air springs. You wouldn’t be alone if you didn’t know what they were, as many drivers have no clue what their air springs are, or what they do.

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In fact, unless you’re a gearhead and like to customize your car, you’ll probably never hear them spoken of unless you hang out in auto body customization shops.

This is no problem, however. Here is the scoop on everything you need to know about the air springs in your car, and exactly what they do to keep you riding nice and smooth.

What Are Air Springs, and What Do They Do?

Your car’s air springs essentially make your car ride smoothly. They’re similar to air bags, made of rubber that is extremely durable. Air springs are actually installed on every corner of your vehicle, and they handle and support any shock to your car or its cushioning while driving, enabling you to have a nice, smooth diving experience.

Your car’s air springs are connected to your compressor through the air lines, controlling your suspension and reaching any height you’d like. They can also come with sensors that can read the current height of the ride and adjust it accordingly, either inflating or deflating the airbags without needing any human interaction, completely automatically.

Some of the finest air springs are made by Firestone, allowing for the smoothest ride possible. If you are looking to get your car set up with a great air suspension system, then you should call up a firestone air mount professional in your area to find pricing and information. You’ll be riding high or low in no time, able to customize the height and smoothness of your ride with little to no effort after installation.