Janitorial Features You May Have Forgotten

It would have to depend on just how old you are at this time. Not to worry, no one is about to ask you your real age. Speaking of which, today’s janitors are nowhere near as old as those from your yesteryear high school days. You may remember him, back in the day when you were hauled over the coals and summoned to stay behind on late Friday afternoons for detention while everyone else went home for the weekend.

And there he was, his old and worn customary janitorial cleaning rags closely wrapped around his waist, cleaning the hallways. Mopping down the floors with his white old mop. Polishing the floors so shiny and bright. So by the time you arrived for school on the following Monday morning, this time on time, and having actually completed all your homework as well, including those outstanding book reviews, showing clear and honest evidence that you at least read the first twenty pages, you need not have gone to the cloakroom to check out your looks in the bathroom mirror.

janitorial cleaning rags

Because the floors were so shiny and bright, you could quite easily see your own reflection in it. If there was time, you could have had your breakfast on it. But no, as tempting as it could have been, that would have been so just not fair. After all the time and trouble the old janitor went to get those floors clean and safe for you to walk on. The bathrooms were pretty much clean and safe to use as well.

They were hygienically clean. It is time to doff caps in remembrance of what the old janitor used to do for you back in the day. Today still, he could be teaching kids how important it is to reclaim and recycle.